For Online Bank Transfer - In order to get your balloons instantly; you must pay your order at least 2-3 days in advance to avoid disappointments!  Send us an email for inquiries and bookings. Bank Details will be provided to you after confirming your order with us!

For COD - We do not usually encourage "COD" Cash On Delivery for security reasons, however a consideration is given to those who do not have local banks in this country. Please consult with us if you do not have any other payment gateway or options and email to us all the important details below:

For COD Order Consideration: 

Step 1: Write to us the full details through email of (WHERE, WHEN and WHO is responsible of paying the balloons and other products ordered). Send to us the Exact Date, Time, Address (including floor & room no.), Contact Number (2 or 3 Contact Numbers in case yours cannot be reached) and a Person's Full Name who is RESPONSIBLE for paying and receiving is required.

Step 2: Once you have already provided all your details above - this simply means you are confirming your orders with us! Now, to completely confirm your order, you must write to us continually saying "Please Confirm my Order and have it Delivered to the following Information Given Above. I am paying your company Cash upon Arrival. Thank You."

If the customer doesn't accept and pay the delivery or cancels all orders immediately right upon the balloon arrival or when the balloon delivery is on its way - then automatically the buyer must at least be responsible for the transit, material and labor cost. Please understand that this involves wastage of time, manpower and a lot of material handling and cost. So kindly please be kind enough to understand and be responsible!

For Credit Card Payment - We do not accept credit card payment at our store at the moment. If you wish to pay via credit, please use PayPalThis allows you to make payments using a variety of methods including: PayPal Balance, PayPal Credit, bank account, credit card, PayPal Cards, and debit card. However this type of payment will have an extra charge of 4.7% + 50 Baht from the total amount of your purchase.


Balloon Delivery is available any time between 10.00 AM – 6.00 PM from Mondays - Sundays. Additional charges will occur after 6.00 PM onward. Balloons must be accepted in person and will not be left at the entrance unattended. So kindly please ensure that someone will be at the mentioned address to accept the order at that time. If the receiver is unavailable when we arrive, a follow up phone call will be made. Our staff can only patiently wait not longer than 30 minutes for you, after this time frame, the balloon ordered will be left at the meeting area. It is the customer's responsibility to inform the condominiums, apartments, hotels, schools, offices and etc about the balloon's arrival.
Balloons can be delivered un-inflated OR inflated with normal air or helium filled. We have two types of balloons - Mylar (foil) and Latex balloons.No refunds or credits will be made upon non receipt of balloons. 


Floating balloons are filled with 99.9% pure helium. Helium balloon gas is safe, non-flammable, and non-toxic which is lighter than air. It can be used safely either indoors or outdoors, provided appropriate care and attention is taken. BUT MAY PRODUCE SUFFOCATION BY DILUTING THE CONCENTRATION OF OXYGEN IN AIR BELOW LEVELS NECESSARY TO SUPPORT LIFE.  

Helium is safe with balloons but do not inhale it. Do not breathe helium from a balloon. Helium is not toxic nor flammable, but breathing it can result in asphyxiation (loss of consciousness due to insufficient oxygen). Do not put your face or mouth onto a helium filled balloons. This can reduce and eliminate oxygen available for breathing. Inhaling helium can result in serious personal injury or worst! Popped latex balloons present a choking hazard for small children. Do not leave small children unaccompanied with latex balloons.


Some balloons are made of natural rubber latex, which may cause allergic reactions. If you suspect a latex allergy, you need a medical evaluation. If you experience difficulty breathing, a rapid pulse, facial swelling or dizziness, contact your doctor immediately or go to an emergency room at once. These symptoms could signal anaphylaxis, which requires emergency treatment.

Prevent the balloons from being kept in direct sunlight or wind. On hot days, in direct sunlight, balloons may pop within an hour. The same result can occur indoors if balloons are exposed to direct sunlight through windows.

Very cool environments may cause helium molecules to shrink, reducing the size and float time of balloons. Ceiling fans may cause the balloons to pop. Do not release the Helium filled balloons under the ceiling fans.

*** Please do not release balloons in free flight. Please respect the environment. Thank You.***


The float time of Mylar (foil) balloon is about 5-7 days and standard latex balloon is about 6-12 hours depending on the weather condition. We guarantee that your balloons will be delivered in perfect condition, but float times will vary. Changing of weather conditions mean that on some occasions balloons may float for only one day, and on other occasions the same balloons may float for many days. There are no guarantees for float time if balloons are displayed outdoors.

16-inch latex balloons will float indoors for - 1 & HALF DAYS (24-36 hrs).
10-12 inch latex balloons will float indoors for - only HALF DAY (6-12 hrs).

18-45 inch Mylar (foil) balloons may remain full for - 5-7 DAYS (120-168 hrs).
Latex (rubber) balloons, used indoors and out of direct sunlight, will float for at least 2 days if treated with Hi-Float, a non-toxic sealant which coats the inner wall of the balloon.



Bangkok Kids Party & Supplies Shop reserves the right to substitute your balloons just in case your requested online order is not available.We will take prompt action to address this issue not longer than 1-2 days before delivery. After this time frame, there will be no cancellation, replacements or refunds that will be accepted.

We make sure that the inflated or un-inflated balloons delivered & handed to you by us - DOES NOT contain holes, damages or defects. We always make sure your balloon order does not have holes before we send them out. Rare issues of popping happens and IS OUT OF OUR CONTROL. Popped balloons will NOT be accepted, once balloons are handed to you.  All defective balloons being returned must be intact or unused.  Inflated or popped balloons will not be eligible for credit.  A balloon that will not hold air or helium, and has a hole or damage will be the ONLY issue that can be claimed as defective and may be replaced or discounts will be applied.  Shipping charges are non refundable.  Shipping charges to return or replace the item will also not be applied.

Bangkok Kids Party & Supplies Shop Co., must approve all returns in advance.  If you would like to return any of our products, please send an email to not later than 1-2 days with the copy receipt of your order and an explanation of why you would like to return the product. Returns will be accepted up to 7 days from the shipment date. 

Exchange or Return of products must be brought to back to our store with the copy receipt of your order and an explanation of why you would like to return the product. Thank You.